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short reflexion

From my perspective, I think the most important factors that shapes our national identity are race and culture. Take myself for example, I was born in China and I always considered myself as a Han Chinese. In fact, more than 94% of the total population are Han Chinese while other 55 minority nationalities account for 6%. As a result, the sense of belonging I felt reinforced my national identity.
Of course, race is not the only factor that plays this role. Culture is another important factor that profoundly shapes national identity. My migration to Spain with my family can clearly explain the role that culture plays. I started living and studying in a new environment when I was 9 years old. After spending years living and studying in Spain, I learned to speak Spanish and got used to the culture behind it. From being uncomfortable with the new culture at the beginning to get used to it and eventually consider myself as both Chinese and Spanish. Culture had played an essential role in sha…

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